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Thread: My little girl's first stpes

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    My little girl took her first steps this week. Of course, I was there with a camera. As you might expect, the actual filming isn't perfect, but it captured a great moment! One thng that constantly frustrates me is the lack of decent lighting in my hous. Anyone have any tips for discreet lighting?

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    Great video! Now you better exchange this camera for more .45 ammunition!! You´ll have trouble keeping the boys away in a few years.....

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    It's perfect Marc, much better than the one I did of my daughter. I love the shot of her with the green box on her head.

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    Fist Steps - that's what I have to blame for getting into this hobby. (First steps of Elise that is, not Elyssa, obviously).
    But I don't think I ever took them - at least nothing worth watching. You make it look easy, Marc. A loely video.

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    I'd try to keep it as natural as possible for this type of video, but even subtle direction, of kids or adults, in relation to lighting can take away naturalness.

    A simple white reflector would be handy, and convenient, but your wife would probably soon hate you when she notice her assumed assistant role.


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    One of the guys at our video club has just bought some led, rechargeable battery powered spots that can mounted to a camera tripod. Not exactly subtle bit not to intrusive either.
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