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Thread: what is the best place to promote video to gain subscribers?

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    youtube is the best to gain more subscribers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AndrewKerby View Post

    This is something I recently wrote an article on for my Vlog blog, but for me there are four main elements to gaining subscribers:

    1) Interaction - As others have suggested, using Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest are all great ways to promote your YouTube channel and, more importantly, allow you to talk and interact with your potential new subsribers. If they like you and your content, they will probably subscribe to the vast majority of your social hubs - including YouTube. Perhaps also interact with other YouTubers - you collaborate in a video for their channel and vice-versa. It gives you more coverage and potential for new subscribers!

    2) Regular Videos - Make sure you post regular videos on a constant basis to help gain new subscribers, and, just as important, to retain existing subscribers. Creating a one-off video isn't going to to cut it and you are likely to find your subscriber list drop rather than increase. Once a week, once every two weeks, or even once a month is fine - the key is to publish on a regular schedule - a time when your subscribers know new content will be available.

    3) Use YouTube tools and ASK people! - Use the tools available in YouTube to ask people to 'like' your video at certain points. I know a number of successful Vloggers who have 400,000 + subscribers that create 'like hotspots' in their videos I.e something funny happens such as falling of a chair (lame example I know) but they will use the annotations tool to say 'like' for falling off a chair. It seems to work as they get thousands of 'likes'. Also, at the end of your video, remind people to subscribe.

    4) Patience - This is usually the killer for most. People NO LONGER have patience! Typically you are not going to gain thousands of subscribers over night. Only over time and by creating regular content are you going to gain a lot of subscribers.

    I hope that helps and you start gaining those all important subscribers soon!

    Good luck

    Thanks a lot Andrew!

    I have made the same experience that a combination of Twitter, Facebook and YouTube worked best for me, although I would say that Twitter was by far the most important in the mix while I wasn't really successful with Facebook. You are very right when you write that patience is usually the killer for most people, I have experienced the same and quit the constant social media updates way to soon. Its hard creating regular content and staying in touch all the time with your followers, but that is really the key to successful advertising.

    Regards, Ally

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    Does anyone have suggestions on how to be more social on youtube. Does it come down to commenting? or subscribing? How do you message or email someone? I would like to get more involved in a type of youtube community, but how? I hope this helps the original poster's cause too.

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    I think subscribing to channels that are similar to yours and then start commenting. Be honest in what you say but be nice.

    To send someone a message go to your in-box and click on the compose button. Start writing a contact name in the To: area and you will get a list of people to the letters you have typed. Choose the one you want and write your message. There may be other way but I don't know.

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    personally I have found the whole subscriber chase nothing but a waste of time on youtube....9 out of 10 never return back if you get their subscription

    one thing is for sure nothing fast happens on youtube's such a big pond of producers....making a ripple now is harder than ever before

    best bet is to make outstanding content, don't clone and copy others and in time things will happen...but don't hold your breath, and DO NOT join a Network
    I know nothing about youtube, even less about video

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