Hey, i'm new here ! I was searching for this kind of forum a while ago to share my vids but I couldn't found anything good in french (yeah because I'm French xD). So I decided to take a look on english sites and here I am. I've been doing fan vids since 2008. Now Im at university, studying cinema because I want to become a video editor. I started to do fan vids because I wanted to learn how to use the softwares with the basics. So I don't really see fan vids as works, just as trainings for my own works. But of course, it's not the only reason. As everyone, I do fan vids to have fun, on things I like and that I want to represent, to do the ad for.

Anyway, I feel like Im speaking too much, so I will stop here. I can't show you all the vids but here are some :

- Fastlane - For an end (music : Jimmy Eat World - 23) : Im a huge fan of the tv show but Fox cancelled it, so we never got an end. It's why I did the vid.

Then, here are two vids on movies with the same main actor, Peter Facinelli:

- Tempted (music : Rihanna - Russian Roulette) : Blue Ridge Fall- Spanish Sahara (HD) - YouTube

- Blue Ridge Fall (music : Foals- Spanish Sahara) : Tempted- Russian Roulette (Watch in HD) - YouTube

And finally, few fan vids kinda different of the others, they are for a story from a friend, called "Something to believe in". We met because of this actor. She wanted to get a visual look of her story because she imagines it more as a tv show.

So here is the presentation of one of the character involving footages from fastlane + audios from some of the movies with the actor (for Chris character) , smallville (for the Blond guy), Jumper, last kiss and OC for the girl. (music : Linkin Park- Iridescent)

Something to believe in- Chris presentation - YouTube

Then two others vids for some moments of the story :

- (Involving footages from Smallville, movies with Justin Hartley, OC, How I met your mother; Last Kiss, Hart of Dixie, Step up 2 etc ; Music : Barcelona - Please don't go)

Something to believe in // Please don't go - YouTube

- (Involving footages from Smallville, one tree hill, Misfits, Jumper, OC; Music : Jackson Waters - Center of attention) www.youtube.com/watch?v=clL9DNGCZVM

Well that's all for now. Tell me what you think =)