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Thread: Mahler's 5th Symphony

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    Default Mahler's 5th Symphony

    Someone spotter a typo in my Mahler video from a few years back so a made a new one. The footage spans over about 8 years and was shot with three different cameras. A lot of the footage has been seen before in other videos.

    Warning this video is very long and very slow so do not watch it if you have ADHD or similar. However, because the music is so beautiful it could help to de-stress you.

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    I watched this last night when it appeared on you YT channel. As I posted there, some of the shots really leap out at you - in particular those of flowers against a deep blue sky. Stunning. Would I be right in assuming the D800 (600? - I forget which) was brought into play?

    The 8 years makes sense. I couldn't understand how much your daughter had regressed

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    It's the D800 but some of them were shot with the HVX as well. I felt quite nostalgic using some GS200 footage.

    Thanks for viewing Tim, I know it's quite long but the music is one of my favourite pieces.

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    Thank God I have ears .. what a blessing. I remember your previous Mahler no 5 video MB.

    In my top 5 of all time along with Griegs Last spring and Elgar's Nimrod.

    We start with clouds and end with space ... loved the cloud opening .. perfect
    Little Miss M even closes doors when she has finished exploring .. impressive
    Willow's moody look at 2.14 fits in well he has that look down to a T
    Liked all the footage but loved 6.58 - 7.29 (bark and tress)
    Loved 10.07 - Tress moving frantically behind still foreground very effective use of wind MB !!!! The other kind.

    End was perfect moving from clouds in blue sky to a night sky with stars then travelling to the stars .......

    Wonderful I watched it all ... and yes I feel less stressed

    Thank you

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