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    Hi All
    I hope I'm in the right forum here. I'm a wedding videographer who is starting to do web promos/ corporate work. I have a promo coming up which will have an interview included in it. I'm looking for a kit that is portable, daylight/tungsten adjustable. I was thinking of buying three of these
    312AS Bi-Color Changing Dimmable LED Video DSLR Camera Light Panel 3200k~5600k | eBay

    I would mount them on small tripods.

    Thanks in advance for any input

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    Okay, before you enter the minefield of LED lighting...

    There are basically two kinds of LEDs: expensive and cheap.

    The expensive ones, if used correctly, can produce a halfway decent light. The cheap ones are crap.

    The unit you're considering is made with cheap LEDs. A lot of cheap LEDs but they are cheap and spit out a spectrum which will not do skin tones any favours.

    In my opinion, if you have to work off battery power and have no mains supply, you would be better off buying a couple of really cheap 20 units with 160 LEDs each, (These will be the same as in your 130 unit) and using filter gels to get them acceptable for skin tones.

    Far better, and certainly recommended if you have access to mains electricity, would be to fork out for some decent lighting, such as fluorescents or tungsten.

    Edit: For LED units, anything under 10 per LED is going to be using cheap crap. And yes, I include Litepanels in that category, despite their advertising claims.
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    Thanks for the info. I know that investing in good lighting equipment is the way to go because it lasts. I could find the funds to buy the right equipment.

    I will have access to mains electricity, I'd say in all cases. I want to have a good 3 point lighting system. Any suggestions would be appreciated?

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    Personally I would go for a mixture of fluorescent and tungsten, depending on your budget but I must stress this is just my opinion.

    Ideally a two or four bank flourescent, something like the Ianiro ICE UK units and a couple of 300w fresnels will see you right for most interviews. If the fluorescent is too expensive, then go for a couple of open face tungstens, an umbrella and a couple of fresnels.

    You will really notice the difference and you have much, much more control than if you went for the LED units.

    If you feel like having a play with some LEDS, go on ebay and look for "LED 160" and you'll see units similar (but obviously with only half the LEDs) of the ones you were going to buy, and they cost about 20.

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    Thanks for the info. Much appreciated

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    hey man,

    I need some help,

    I am media student, i am searching for some documentary interview lights, as i told you i am student so i need cheap lights. so i dont no to much about lights, so if you guide me a bit, i have to take some interviews of some professionals, so i need some good lights so i can make some good professional video result.
    I am in UK, so if you gave me some links from where i can buy or send me some good links.
    waiting for your positive response.

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