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    I don't have a question about the technical part of after effects. My question is more about your workflow on creativity. Let's say you want to create a new project, you are starting from scratch. Can you explain your step by step process going from nothing in your head to a finished product. Do you watch inspirational work to get creative? Do you draw on a piece of paper your brainstorming? Or do you just keep messing around in AE until you come up with something special?

    I find it so easy to just follow tutorials, what I wanna work on is how the pros create something. I know my question is a but vague and the answer is different for every project or situation, but give me some of your experience on anything.
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    I am not an 'ae pro', but I have used it when I wanted particular effects. I started by reading all the manual (even though I could not understand it all). I aimed not to have to sit through endless numbers of poorly presented 'tutorials'. Because I only get a limited time to use PC with AE, I studied AE's "expressions" and scripting language. I am not an expert, but I find it alot easier now to consider how an effect might be done - without having to spend hours 'messing around'.
    Personally, I find it more satisfying to be able to imagine what the results will be, before I do it. For example, a few months ago, I wanted a plasma trail from an imaginary spacecraft. Even before running AE or seeking a 'tutorial', I realised that much of the effect should be possible using Particles, Gaussian blur and a graduated mask.
    This is similar to how I play the guitar. Whilst I play badly, I tend to know what particular notes will be, before I actually strike the string.

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