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Thread: Cheap GDDR5 Graphics Card - should i buy this?

  1. Default Cheap GDDR5 Graphics Card - should i buy this?


    I feel a bit foolish posting in the 'Perfect Video Editing PC' forum, considering that I'm having to work to a very tight budget.

    I'm weighing up the need for a new PC against possibly upgrading my current one and I need some advice, especially in terms of a graphics card.

    I have an Intel Dual Core PC (sorry, can't recall the exact model CPU or speed, but its about 4 years old)
    It currently has 2GB Ram
    And a pretty duff graphics card with I think 256Mb of ram.
    Its running XP pro 32bit.

    I'm currently editing with Sony Vegas Platinum Pro 11 (at present it does more or less what I need so don't expect to need anything more sophisticated any time soon.) I don't go mad with effects, and by its very nature, I'm limited to 10 video tracks in SV Platinum Pro 11, so its not like I need a super computer or anything.

    I'd like to utilise the HD and full HD filming capabilities of a camera I've acquired, previously I've only been messing around in standard def, but i want to get a bit serious now and I know my poor PC ain't up to it.

    I don't have a lot of spare cash, if I had to buy a better system I might have to do so on credit which I'd rather not to be honest.

    I'm thinking I could do the following with the old PC;

    I've got 2GB of spare, reasonably speedy and compatible ram I could chuck in there.

    I can upgrade to Windows 7 Pro or ultimate 64bit very cheap (about 15) through work (I get an academic discount as I work for University)

    Finally, I've been pricing up graphics cards. This I'm finding confusing as I've never been a major gamer, so I've never owned a PC with anything other than a fairly standard graphics card. From my limited research, I'm finding that GDDR Ram is supposed to be fast, I've found this card;

    Asus ATI Radeon 6670 HD 810MHz 1GB PCI-E HDMI (EAH6670/DIS/1GD5) -

    I'm just wondering what everyone thinks of that card - I know it seems to be marketed towards gaming, but its specs and speed seem to tick all the boxes in terms of being head and shoulders above the existing card - surely it would offer a big improvement in terms of live previewing of video in my editor (which is what is currently suffering if I try and work with higher def material? And its very cheap! I'm reminded of the saying 'You buy cheap, you buy twice,' and it worries me!

    I guess the weak link is my processor, I'm not at all confident on upgrading that, I would love to make it a quad, but I've no idea if the motherboard is suitable, could i get away with pressing on with a dual core?

    In a year or so's time I ought to have enough to buy a decent new machine, but til then, would this be a workable interim?


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    I doubt you would be able to put a quad core processor into you mother board but you could check on the motherboard manufacturer's website. One option, if money is really tight is to look at getting a basic motherboard/CPU bundle and save money by re-using your case power supply etc..

    If I was you I'd keep the 50 safe and put it toward a new PC when you can afford it. Vegas will let you run HD video with lower preview qualities to get you by until you can get a new machine.

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