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    Question amateur needs help

    Hello all,

    I have owned a JVC Everio for some 4 yrs now and use the Power Cinema software which came with it.
    The program is very basic and limited with its effects but when it puts the video on a dvd the picture quality is very good.
    I am trying to improve my video's with different effects etc by using other commercial programs such as Corel and other company products however
    when put dvd the picture quality is no where near as good as the Power Cinema.
    I can only assume that the settings i am using are not correct.

    Any help would be much appreciated.

    Regards Peter

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    What software are you using, Corel ? What settings do you have available ? What settings are you using ?

    What is it about the picture quality that isn't as good as the Power Cinema software.

    The basic settings for a DVD are mpeg2, PAL or NTSC standard sizes (you don't say where you are in the world) around 8Mbp/s bit rate. Interlaced lower field first field order.

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    Thanks for your quick response, I live in Australia.

    The power cinema software that comes bundled with the camera by all accounts is very basic. However when it takes the video from the camera and burns it to a DVD the picture quality is very clear. It also takes ages to go from start to finish.

    The program I have downloaded and am trying out is Corel Video Studio Pro X5. No reason in particular why I chose this one, did a google search and up it came.
    Manually copied the video files from the camera to a folder in my comp.
    Opened up the program which is a difficult task, if you have an internet connection you get locked at a register screen. registering does not let the program start.
    disconnect and program starts.
    I dropped and dragged video files into program ( just trial and error) and added some fading between clips.
    Left my blank dvds at home so converted it to mpeg 4. I left all settings at default due to lack of knowledge.
    When I play it the sound is good however the picture is course and not as clear as the bundled software is.
    I ventured down a similar path a few years ago with other software and had a similar problem.

    I have opened up the video file and the specs of the mpeg one I converted are
    Mpeg -2 Video Upper First Field
    24 bit 720 x 576, 16:9
    25 frames/sec
    Data rate Variable bit rate (max 8400 kbpm)

    Thanks for your help

    regards Peter

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    When rendering set the field order to "lower field first", as a DVD is standard definition. SD video = lower, HD video = Upper.

    Apart from that I don't see anything wrong with your settings. I'm not familiar with Corel so I can't really advise you on specifics of that piece of software but I have seen nice images come from it, so I know it can work.

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