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Thread: 3ds max/Rayfire -- Rock breaking sequence

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    Default 3ds max/Rayfire -- Rock breaking sequence

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    Looked good to me. Not sure if there should be a little more dust as the rock rises and when it breaks up.

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    [out of my depth] Given the shallow depth of field, wouldn't a lot of the rocks be out of focus?

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    And perhaps...there appears to be no motion blur. The viewer learns from the previous shot that the camera is handheld (and therefore making the pretty matching movements with the rock); but then appears to have an immensely fast shutter speed to capture the explosion.

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    Very well executed! 3D studio max is an awesome, but hard to master piece of software, but so realistically good at reflection maps, shadows etc. A little tweak or two ( and I know these tweaks take hours, if not days) will polish off the realism perfectly.
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    What i liked about this was that you put effort into filming and acting. Although it was just a test piece to try the effect, you made it watchable.

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