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Thread: Photos disappering in play back.

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    Default Photos disappering in play back.


    I have had some problem with playing JPEG picture files through my version of Premier (6.5) through my DV cam (Panasonic NV-DS65) and out into my tele. The problem is that half of them will not appear on the tele when I play it through, while half will. Admitedly some of the missing pictures have had motion movement applied to them. But this is not causing them to disapper as others that do play have appeared and play on my tele.

    What do you think is the problem?

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    I had this mystery too! The only thing I figured was that the images that were disappearing had a much higher resolution than was needed. Hence a quick resize to an appropriate resolution for my tv and a quick re-render erased the problem.
    Andy Holland

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