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Thread: Error 0xc00d002f, Peaks Not Available

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    Default Error 0xc00d002f, Peaks Not Available

    I recently started using Sony Vegas 12 64-bit and have made 2-3 videos with it. When I copy-pasted a clip from and another sony vegas project (same edition) and REVERSED it so its sound would play backwards, it couldnt build peaks in that particular audio clip (only after I reversed it), but I didn't think much of it. I then left it in my project and saved it, and when I opened my project again, my whole video (about 3˝ minutes) couldn't build peaks to any audio clips at all, and I got this message:

    An error occurred while creating a proxy file for a stream.
    Error 0xc00d002f (message missing)

    This is really bugging me, as I kinda need the peaks to see what's what - this also now occurs when I open my previously made vegas 12 videos. I don't want to delete my whole video and start from scratch again.
    Any solutions to this much appreciated.

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    The only thing I can think of to try is to delete the working files connected to this project like the .sfk files. These will be found in the same location as the source sound files. Then try opening the project again in Vegas, it may force Vegas to build the peaks.

    Don't delete the project file (.veg)

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    I deleted all the files connected to the project that wasn't the project itself (a BAK, SFAP0 and SFK file), but it's still the same as before. :(

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