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Thread: HDV archiving on DVD media

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    Lightbulb HDV archiving on DVD media

    Hey guys...

    I own a HDV camera and I have copied the videos from tape into HDD into m2t files.
    Since this file is quite large, I decided, that for archival purposes, I will compress this video with advanced video encoding H264.

    After a long research I adopted the following compromise.
    For this operation I use Avidemux program.
    I select x264 video codec, yadif deinterlacing filter and in the configuration set the target video size in to 4400MB for 1hour long HDV file.

    The results is quite good image and approximately 10000kbps average video bitrate. (BTW: the SONY NEX video files have a bitrate of a 16000kbps)
    Now I wonder what do you think and how do You doing this?

    And this is the results.
    Bitrate viewer results.jpg

    PS. I apologize for my English. However I hope, that you understand me.

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    Are these data DVDs or Media DVDs. It is my understanding that some, perhaps older, DVD players can not cope with bit rates over 8.5Mb/s. I personally never archive onto DVDs I back up a full resolution version onto external HDD. Always keeping the original raw footage backed up on a separate disk as well. I guess having tapes you don't need this further back up.

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    I mean record data on DVD media.
    Anyway you're right but I believe it is better to have the data stored on the HDD and optical drive. The content is more accessible, and there is no risk to damage caused by the use of media. In any case DV tape remains as the primary archive.
    I do not know if you understand me, so I'll explain how I use video.
    For play this video I use Xtreamer media player. So at this point it does not matter what format is used, the player plays as well as HDV (MPEG2) and H264. My wish is that the video is reduced (for space saving) and at the same time keep a good quality. And this video I want to archiving on optical media.
    By the way, I'm interested in media M-disc. Do you think that the media is really as much reliable?

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