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Thread: Lighting - have I cracked it?

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    Question Lighting - have I cracked it?

    Been in the studio, (or is it the lab?) for 3 weeks now with new camera, and the guru's tell me lighting is everything, apart from focus, experience and skill, but one thing at a time.

    I'm pretty happy with this, a still shot from a video I did today, in what is normally a fairly dark room creating plenty of noise on most of my work - so opinions please on whether or not I have cracked the lighting game... surely I'm close


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    Unfortunately you have a problem with mixing natural day light with tungsten light. This is why you have a correct colour balance on the left of the image and a yellow cast image on the right. You should be able to fix this with a blue day light gel known as a CTB (Colour Temperature Blue). Have a look at this small article it explains it better than I could.

    Placing the gel over your tungsten lighting will solve the issue or another way is to block off the sun light and balance the camera for tungsten lighting. There is an other way but that would mean getting a really big sheet of orange gel (CTO) to fit over the window.

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    Or use daylight balanced bulbs in your lamps? Would that work?

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    Or block the window off and use a reflector
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    So there is more than one way to skin a cat, as they say.

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    What about the height of the light? Does it look a little unnatural to have it at body height; creating those particular shadows?

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    Or keep it this way, as this is what you really have there....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stripe View Post
    the guru's tell me lighting is everything, apart from focus, experience and skill, but one thing at a time.
    that made me chuckle

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    Wow, thanks for the comments.

    You knew I was using tungsten - bloody hell, and you knew where the natural light was coming from - crikey, I'm in the right place for opinion and advice

    This was 2x500w tungsten on the left 4m away, pointed to the ceiling, and yes, big windows on the right (the only windows). I have 2 sets of lights, so I could have over-ridden the natural light by placing a set on the right.

    I guess I like Tony's comment best, cos I don't have to do anything - haha - yes I got what I had, which must be a good thing.

    Thanks for the links - now I have to learn to get what I don't have, using special wizardry.

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    While you are looking into this please think about a back lite. Put some flags to stop the background from being lit as much as the subject and you'll be nearly there.

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