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Thread: Lighting - have I cracked it?

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    Yep Midnight, that comes under 'advanced' lol, almost ready for that now

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    Personally I like the "Keep It Simple" approach.

    A large reflector positioned camera left, just outside the frame would probably have added enough fill light to balance the daylight from the window. A sheet of polyboard (white styrofoam) would suffice. A sheet of half CTB (half colour temperature blue) on one of the 500w lights, bounced off the reflector would then be enough to give the guitarist a bit of "bling".

    (More importantly, nice sharp focus on the sofa, pity about the guitarist!)

    Don't forget that you can remove light as well as adding it. Drawing the curtains or taping a sheet of thin white cotton over the windows for example. I have a very cheap, thin white double bedsheet for this purpose. It turns harsh sunlight into a soft fill light. Cost 10.

    But then remember, there are no rules in lighting, only opinions. Great subject you've got there, I bet he plays a mean guitar!

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    Lol thanks Rob, not so sure about the mean guitar bit, I'm using him as a subject, but stay tuned for a video of him that will definitely bring out a chuckle.

    And here it is... Jim Aubrey - Ant Music - YouTube
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