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    This is my latest project, a video I produced for a newer metal band that is gaining notoriety here in Michigan called Konkeror. I still haven't messed with the white balance of any of my cams at all, but I did use Sony Vegas Movie Studio 11 to try and best match my 4 different cameras. I do plan on learning a bit about white balancing before I go film my next job. I film in 720 HD with all my cams.

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    The camera work seems better than the last video but the rest of it is pretty much the same. I didn't (couldn't) watch it all the way through the band were not to my taste.

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    A bit more attention to the editing might come in handy. Example: there was a shot at around 1:53 where the camera wandered from the singer (mid distance) towards to close up guitarist but didn't get there and just sort of left us in mid air. With three other cameras there must have been something else you could have cut to.

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    I may be off the mark, but it did seem as if your edit was based around placing the three synced clips on top of each other, and then revealing other clips. Which is fine, but does trick you mto being very linear. if there's a time when all three cams are rubbish, borrow another cutaway.

    if you film there again, chose another location for the locked off cam. It didn't,t add anything for me. Could you place it at the side. Or higher up?

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