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Thread: My First Music Video On Imovie, 1k views in less than 2 days

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    Red face My First Music Video On Imovie, 1k views in less than 2 days

    Disclosure - Latch feat. Sam Smith (UNOFFICIAL VIDEO) - - YouTube

    Hello, first time here, im really happy to be part of this community
    this is my first music video with imovie, im trying to learn as much as possible
    Id like to ask for peoples opinion on how i can make this 1000% better, what kind of equipment i need, another camrea, everything, im trying to learn as much as possible. i know its real crap but i just started..

    My passion if film directing and editing. So i need to know all the first things about editing.
    Also buying the right camera, right now im using a pentax q but i need a real better one, id say canon eos 7d but but i only say that because its the only thing anyone who doesn't really know about cameras wants, i really want to get a camera as good as that, also im planning to by the lighting equipemtn and mounts for everything

    Does anyone know a good camera , not to cheap but also not to expensive? im a college student.

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    If you want to go for a Canon DSLR get the 5D MkIII it's better than the 7D. BUT what is really really important is the quality of the lens you put on the camera. What you need to consider is what you want to do with the camera. Is a DSLR the right thing for you? Yes, you can get a nice image in controlled settings BUT try an capture a live event and it's only any good for getting nice stills. You would need a good video camera for that kind of thing. There are so many good ones around it's hard to offer any good advice. For example Sony tend to do better in lower light than Panasonic BUT I prefer the colours that come from a Panasonic. You might want to take a look at the Canon C100 or if you have the money C300 that would freak your mates out.

    The video, I thought you did a good job with it. Some of the stuttered editing wasn't to my taste but it's a music video so anything goes. Normally I would say anything with half naked girls can't be all bad but I did think it was a little too close to the edge for a music video. I see you kept the same flavour of the "Offical video".

    I still think you did a good job with this, well done.

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    Thank You so much for giving me options with the camera!! i truly appreciate the comment as well!!

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