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    I'm new to all this. I don't want to be the next Steven Spielberg, but I would like to make reasonable home made films, for myself and friends to watch, wether it's videos of family, wildlife or just out and about.

    The biggest problem i have at the moment, and it's really bugging me is:
    I use a Gopro hd hero, Panasonic full hd hand held video camera, and a Canon camera that also allows to to take hd video clips.

    When i put them on my computer the clips are nice to watch, the quality is clear and detailed (for what I have used). I believe they're stored as MP4 and MPEG-TS.

    however when i try to make a movie and edit them together using windows movie maker, I loss a lot of the quality and detail

    I did buy Adobe premiere elements 8, but this didn't seem to help and it was storing a lot of imformation on my laptop and was goobling up space so took it off

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    You always have to compromise space for quality with HD video.

    I'm not a Premiere user so can't tell you what you need to do with that software but good rule of thumb in any editing software it to set your project settings to match your footage. Then when you have finished the editing render the video at the same quality settings as the original footage. I know this may not always be possible example if you are making a DVD from HD footage you will have to lower the resolution to put it on a DVD, so this is just a general rule.

    What I suggest is getting to know the software and familiarise yourself with the terms used in the video world. There are usually tutorials on YouTube to help get you started.


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