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Thread: Having problems with Windows Live Movie Maker

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    Default Having problems with Windows Live Movie Maker

    My dad recently bought me a labtop with Windows 7, including Windows Live Movie Maker. I uploaded a 720/60 fps .MP4 file to edit and seemed to run into problems right off the bat.

    What happens is when playing the video, at the splits I make in the video, the screen goes black for a split second, other times mostly after a fade between scenes, the video will stutter.

    I made sure that there was not any effects on the video such as fade in or out to black or anything. It is strange because it will black out at the splits about 80% of the time, 20% of the time it will play fine through the split with no black screen or lag.

    I tried to search online if anyone has encountered these problems but could'nt find anything.

    Could the program be corrupt or something?

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    This sounds like it's just a lack of power to process the work smoothly with your laptop. How does the finished piece look when you view it in Windows Media Player ?

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    Lack of power is a perpetual problem for any computer. No sooner do more powerful computers come on the market than software writers from M$ to CrApple slip in even more ways to collect information.

    However, when I have problems like these I generally start with some basics.

    1). Does the video file have a problem? Any file, these days, is not a single stream of data, it's multiple layers. This is especially so in video. I know of at least 6 active layers, but I understand there are well over a dozen. In some of these, bits can be inserted, ostensibly to mark point for the software but in practice, to make it impossible to do things with the video that the writer doesn't want.

    2). What is the format of the video. As you will know there are many different formats. The mpg avi flv and so on. Some use enormous amounts of memory space. Changing from one format to another can help. The best program I know of to do this is formatfactory Be careful where you download it from. FileHippo is reliable, but others might slip in some of their extras.

    3). The program you are using may just be crap. M$ have a tendency to make some pretty rubbish software. Mostly the stuff bundled with a home version of the OS. If you but their office version, and pay the maintence fees, they generally have better stuff. But if you had that much to spend you buy soemthing decent.

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    Whilst WLMM isn't in the top league of Editing programs, I don't think the issue lies there.
    _ Take the rendered (edited) files and burn a DVD, then play that on a dedicated TV/DVD player.
    PC are good at doing many tasks, but processing video is particularly difficult when the demand is "real-time" - by burning the rendered vids to a DVD the playback is much easier.

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    Yes, really. And I have faced it.

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