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    Default animation and gif

    i am making a into for my dvd but when i use animation shop they are saved as gif but i can not seem to get them to work on Pin ...hheellpp

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    I doubt very much that Pinnacle supports animated gifs. Export as an uncompressed AVI file.

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    thanks , i will give it a go
    shame as i have a animation fot a logo that i would like to start the dvd off with.
    i will let you know how i get on.

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    No go on Animated Gif I am afraid. I tried myself a while back and had no luck whatsoever. SORRY :cry: Remember that this program is just an entry level video editing program and not designed for some of the features that you find in the higher end.

    However, if anyone does find out or know how, please post.

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    thanks, buy the way what would be a step up after Pinnacle

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    Anything would be a step up after Pinnacle.

    Seriously, though, why not treat yourself to a trial download of Adobe Premiere Elements? Nothing to lose, everything to gain.

    It may look a little more complex than Studio, but in fact it's not - and it's far more capable.

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