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Thread: Link to my youtube channel ,, i need help and support

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    Post Link to my youtube channel ,, i need help and support

    • Hey all my name is fastkop
    • I keep making videos and upload them to youtube ,, i work really hard on my videos ,, i have been working on movies and serise stuff like that in the last quit time ,, my schoolmates dnt give a f*** neither my family ,, my friends usually just watch the videos and tell me their opnion ,, i really need support beause i loove looove looove making stories then convert them to stories ,, and im lookin to get better ,, so i really need ur help guys ,, if u could just subscribe me watch my videos ,, and tell me what else do i need ? ,, thats all i really want .. dn be trolls etc ,, thanks alot for reading this topic this is my channel : Fas KopGaming - YouTube

    Please do not swear, read the rules about posting in the user video section. Do not post links to you channle in the user video section. Post one video per thread and this will be critiqued.
    Thank you.
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