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    I've been creating a series of abstract/visualizer type videos with some of my friends electronic music. I used Trapcode Form for the first time and some other RG plugins and this is what I got. I'll be working to further these but check it out!

    Turning Your Back To The Devil - YouTube

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    I think this is an acquired taste. It kind of reminded me of the MK-Ultra experiments of the 1950's & 60's.

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    Very interesting to see. I assume the plugin uses the amplitude and frequencies (ie. loudness and tone) of the audio to drive changes in the parameters of other effects.
    I think some of the sections look good, but other sections don't. Although sometimes the viewer can acknowledge relationships between the sound and the vision; there are times when they don't appear be related in any way. I have no doubt that this kind of video can be spell binding, but it was not 100% in this instance. I appreciate that this kind of video is also best viewed in the highest quality possible, as video compression can tend to reduce the sharpness of rapidly moving patterns.
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