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    Default Please comment / A video message

    This one is really a message to all citizens in Croatia, to explore the Country they live in because they are not aware in what wonderful place they live in...

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    Interesting idea, and nice scenery for sure!

    I didn´t like the titles (too big and overlaping the signs that we were supposed(?) to read).

    One thing that I would include, since it seems to be a "guide", is the name/location of the places pictured.

    As I said before, a bit too long too.

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    Some nice images and I liked the intention behind the video but again it's far to long for it's purpose and I found that the music is far to over dramatic for the piece.

    Did I mention it is far too long.

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    I'm joining the 'too long' party. Titles were slow and I prefer a video to tell me a story visually or audibly rather than rely so heavily on titles that I have to wait for. But I'm quite impatient.
    I would have also like to have seen some video within the piece. It was all stills, tracking and zooming out but still stills. The visuals or water falls and people really could have done with being video rather than photos.
    Unless I missed a bit, I did skip a little due to it feeling a bit too long, which is a sign that others will too :/

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    I felt very frustrated by this film. For all the reasons above. Just before 3 minutes, when the logo appeared i thoughht we were going to get an explanation of what the film was about. When this didn't come I skipped through the rest looking for a clue. Sorry.

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