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Thread: Two hiking videos / slides showreels

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    Default Hiking video / slides showreels

    Hi guys. What do You think about this one?

    This one is a playground of viewing perception, was just trying something different.

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    i like the technique, and it is unusual to see it applied to to shots such as this (good landscape photographs). The music was an unusal choice as well ... there I was settling down for a nice selection of landscapes and suddenly Floyd coms bursting out of the speakers. I can see how it works with the uplifty chorusy bits, but i'm not totally convinced it's right.
    After a while though the novelty wore off and it became a bit "samey".
    I suppose what i'm saying is that you can add interest to great landscape photos with this approach, but ultimately it still needs to take the viewer on a journey if it is to maintain interest.
    That's not to sy I didn't enjoy it - I did. And it's inspired me to find a reason to try out the technique!

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    you asked me about this one in another thread, yep it feels a bit long, I agree with everything Tim has already said :p

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