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Thread: Window embed one video on another

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    Default Window embed one video on another

    Hi guys

    The problem: I want to record something on my screen using a piece of software then record myself on a camera. Embed the video of myself on top of the the screen recording but in a small window in the bottom right.
    I have search for hours for a piece of software (preferably free) that can do this or any guides on how to do it and have come up blank, can any one point me in the right direction for software and tutorials?


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    This effect is sometimes called "picture in picture". A Google search of free video "picture in picture" may help.
    In addition to what you have already said, the software should also allow you to resize the 2nd video so it only takes up part (bottom right) of the final screen area.
    If you prefer Command line apps, then or FFmpeg can both do what you want.

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