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Thread: Looking for software to edit a TRP file

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    Default Looking for software to edit a TRP file

    Hi there

    I have a television set top box called "Spiderbox" It is the Spiderbox 9000HD. Here is a link to it.

    I can use it to record programmes onto a USB stick. It records in a format called .TRP

    I've heard of the usual vob mkv divx etc but I've never heard of TRP. I'm looking for a software package that I can edit a trp file and convert it to either an mkv file or a divx or just to burn onto a dvd. Can anyone advise me what to buy?


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    A .trp is just a name which means nothing except to the recorder that you have. It is what is called a wrapper. Meaning it's like a box with the video inside the box, the box is unimportant it is the CODEC used to encode the video that is important. The video will probably be mpeg2 transport stream if it's standard definition or H.264 if it's HD. You have barriers to get round to be able to edit TV recordings, apart from the copyright issues. The files could be encrypted in which case forget it.

    The only advice I can suggest is to down load a trial version of Sony Vegas Pro and see if your file will be accepted. You may need to change the file extension name from .trp to .mp4 so the program can recognise it.

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    Thanks. I'll give it a go and let you know how I get on.

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    Failing that, try searching for trp video convertors, they are out there.

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