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Thread: I would love to know what people think of the music sessions I have been making.

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    Thumbs up I would love to know what people think of the music sessions I have been making.

    These are all filmed live, with one take using two cameras, I think they are pretty good, but I would love to know what other people think. For more go to or find us on facebook.

    Thanks guys.

    *edit* I'm not fishing for complements, I would quite like some constructive criticism
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    I like the idea, the music and voice/guitar..... But here are some things that I would change a bit:

    1) insert different images (cutaways) to break the mono-"sequence". Two cameras are nice, but you need more variety. If I´m not wrong, the first cut came at 2:23 minutes only !! The cutaways can be linked to the music subject, to the local you´re singing (fruits in a table/bowl in the market? The flower´s guy? A lady walking legs passing by.... Or both... Just one loooong scene of you walking gets boring after 1 minute.

    2) be careful with backlights, like at 1:42, when your face disapeared for a long time....

    3) I didn´t like the shaking titles, but that´s a personal choice

    4) the second camera lost good chances of close-ups of your face (sort of cutaway)

    The wireless/directional mic performed very well, but people with better ears will probably point some details I usually miss too...

    Good music and performance!

    edit: just read the first comment on the video at your YT channel where a guy says to not include cuts..... Nothing like diversity of oppinions!!
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    I think who ever was doing the tracking shots did a very good job but I wish they had cleaned the lens before pressing the record button. I think this would have worked better as a one camera one continuous shot and use the second camera operator to stop clueless public from getting in the shot.

    My comments from your first posting yesterday still apply about using the manual modes of the camera. One thing that really helps with this video is the fact that this is a good performance by the talent and the audio is quite good.

    You might want to look up "the rule of thirds" which will give you other framing options than just putting the talent in the middle of the screen.

    I have a question for you. Was this shot on an iPhone ?

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    I'm a little reluctant to say this but I was a little unhappy with the sound. It was well recorded - but sounded too well recorded. The voice seemed too "dry" which came across as a bit of a shock when it started. A bit like it had been recorded in a bedroom and you were lip syncing. How you overcome that without a mic on a boom I don't know. Possibly mix in a bit more of a secondary mic (though you had plenty of ambient as it is).

    When looking up the rule of thirds also check out "leading space". Most of the shots from the second camera had space behind the singer rather than in front.

    I bet you'll never fiolm without cleaning the lens again. A lesson learnt!

    Nevertheless i enjoyed this and I'm sure you're next one wll be even better.

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    I'm a little reluctant to say this but....
    There just no pleasing some people.

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    except for the dirty lens i thought this was great

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    I would have changed the route if possible. Greggs played a big part in that vid. It may not have been helped but a bit more time choosing camera direction and framing might have cut big obvious brand names from feeling quite dominant.
    another reason for altering the route was for lighting, it was silhouetted throughout most of the vid, could there have been an alternative route with the majority of light behind camera.
    Next time I'd just keep lighting and background stuff in mind and do a number of test runs from different spots to get the best out of the vid.

    second camera though.. It wasn't framed to well for the majority of the vid. I can see why - the operator was trying to cut out the tracking camera from shot.
    Like Tim said, check out the rule of thirds- if someone is walking towards the left of screen they need to framed so that they are on the right of the screen always walking into plenty of space.
    If this isn't possible then seriously consider and alternative use for a second cam or wether it is really worth it. Sometimes the simplest shoots are the best and adding extra camera which are unable to provide a good frame will only hurt the final product.

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