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Thread: creative commons and prs for music

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    Question creative commons and prs for music

    Hi everyone hope all is well

    I have a question regarding music rights.

    I have some documentary work being showcased on a national tv channel in early 2013. The work contains creative commons music of both commercial and noncommercial licenced nature, the transmission is non-profit and each individual contributing artist has been personally contacted, been linked to an online screener of the work and has consented via e-mail.

    Upon filling out the pre-transmission forms for the tv station I am now wondering if I still need to run this by 'prs for music (uk)' to aquire a licence from them or is it not legally nessacery considering the rights I have aquired via the cc licence and contact from each artist.

    Anyone with any knowledge please get in touch.



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    Thats great thanks for replying, the licence that these works are under does grant permission it is stated and the work is available as long as the proper credit has been issued, stating the artist and the licence agreement, which it has.

    The broadcast is non-profit and each artist has been notfied, aswell all audio that requires credit has been given that in full including the nature of the licence and its availability to be used.

    I believe that is sufficient. The production company (i.e me and the rest of the production team) have clearly stated on the film credits that all original rights are reserved for the film as a whole, so ownership and permission for all content is established and credit is given where it is due.


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    That's terrible, you can't trust anyone. Bet that was a shock whe it came up while you were channel surfing.

    Everything has to be clear in black and white or else you go totaly unprotected, it's a quick and potentially very painfull lesson to learn

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    Its such a usefull way to access royalty free work that is available out there.

    As long as attribution is stated it makes it officially availableas far as I can tell so i can't really go to any further lengths to cover myself. Within the cc agreement is also states that all conditions can be waived with personal (and docmuented via e-mail) contact with the copyright holder which would be author/composer of the song right.

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    For any future readers of this post.

    An e-mail I recieved from admin at agrees that 'free for commercial use'' cc licence basis the works are made legally available through providing the written and correct form of attribution that the artist and website makes mandatory and that no further licence is required whatsoever for transmission or distriution of any sort, however if the licence agreement states that is free for use in non-commercial circumstance only, a special arrangement would be required but can be done directly with the author of the work and would be advisory to make this a written agreement

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    TV stations usually have a blanket licence to cover all prs stuff for broadcast. Having additional paperwork of your own is always good to keep hold off for the future.
    check with your commissioner/ exec producer or the tv stations legal dept if your concerned

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    the national tv station should be responsible for logging all tracks and checking them against the database, any that do not appear within the database are negotiated through the tv station.
    Theres nothing wrong with contacting PRS, however you need to know the position that station holds with PRS to have a useful conversation.

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