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Thread: trailer for a documentary I'm putting together

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    Default trailer for a documentary I'm putting together

    I still have a few weeks to go on this film, but here is the preview page until then...

    thanks for taking the time!


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    Very nice. Music goes well with Vid. Look forward to seeing the final result. I just love a good storm.

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    Hi Cris...loved the editing and the music goes well with it. The shots youve got are stunning!! (are they all yours? shot by youreself?)

    I however think the trailer lacks a storyline - maybe just a direction that would say something about the doco and leave us 'looking for more'- the clips are great and flow with the music real well, however towards the end of the trailer I was just a little 'lost' as to where the trailer was getting to or what the doco was going to be about.

    Hope you dont mind - but I atleast thing one thing very essential to a trailer is the storyline (a few titles here and there).

    All the best for the final film - wll look out for it
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    Really nice man. Some of the effects worked really well.

    If i had to pick one thing to change, i would say that it didn't need to be so long. Overall a great trailer though.

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    thanks for the comments...

    it's really just a "teaser" that I needed to get up on the web quickly, so as to be picked up/searched out by Google before people around this part of the world (SW USA) started searching for info on the Mexican monsoon.
    It certainly won't just be a weather docu and quite honestly, the subject(s) have the theme morphing constantly. I'm curious myself what "it" will be saying when it's finished

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    Oh! I forgot.

    yes, I shot all of it

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