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Thread: Which package and graphics card should I get???

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    Default Which package and graphics card should I get???

    Hi all

    I'm about to get a new laptop. I do not own a desktop so everything I do is via a laptop. At the moment I make quite a few DVD's using Nero 11. The majority of the files are either AVCHD or MKV files. My laptop is just under 5 years old although it was good in its day is now quite slow and when I transcode the file and burn it to a disk it can take as long as 4 hours to copy one hour worth of footage.

    Three main questions:-

    1) Does the graphics card make much of a diference in the transcoding proccess or is it mainly to do with the RAM and processor?
    2) The laptop I'm looking at has an K1000M card in it. Is there a big difference between the K1000M and the K2000M for video editing purposes? FYI, I have no interest in 'gaming'
    3) At the moment I'm using Nero 11 but I've been recommended Cyberlink Powerdirector. Is there a big difference between the 2 pieces of software? Can you recommend a different editing device? FYI, I'm only doing very basic editing (deleting adverts).

    Any other advice would be appreciated.


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    horses for courses Adrian, what is your intended output.... DVD bluray, upload to youtube online etc?
    what is your budget ? sorry, npy familiar with power director of the graphics card you mention .

    i was looking at some video editing laptops in scan the other day though might be excessive for your needs ???

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    I'm looking at a budget of about $2100

    I have seen this and I think it will do the job. At the moment I have a rather old Toshiba Satalite which is getting slower as each day goes past!! I saw this and was talked into getting an SSD drive instead but the SSD drive has a different graphics card. Instead of the K2000M it has the K1000M.

    I've no idea if it will make any difference when video editing or if it is only linked with the processor.

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    Many here use Sony Vegas - and - DVDArchitect Burn-prog -- - - - - and if you can burn with only a 4;1 overhead - IMHO, that's not bad....although a little frustrating.

    If you're using DVDA (or Studio version), why not ask the Forum at SonyCreative?

    Laptops are costly per Bang and Graphics cards will take a lot of power, but newer software does use the Chipset to speed-up Rendering and there is a good Webibnar at Sony Creative ((Warning If you can find it)), which neatly shows the approx 3x improvement using the otherwise same PC.

    +I'm discussing DVD authoring on another Thread, please add yr thoughts, etc.
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