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Thread: As soon as I play a video I crash!

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    Default As soon as I play a video I crash!

    Alright, So here's the deal. A while ago I needed DivX Codec for some screen capturing so I downloaded it and that went fine. Just today I was trying to upload an .AVI file into Sony Vegas but I wasn't getting any video. After a quick google search I found this video: How to import AVI files into Sony Vegas Pro 11 64Bit (Easy Way) - YouTube and followed what it said to do. It essentially just told me to download "K-Lite Codec Pack" which had tons of errors when I attempted to install it. So I looked in the comments and I found that if you install K-Lite Codec Pack while already having DivX installed, your gonna have a bad time. So I uninstalled both and reinstalled K-Lite Codec Pack. Now however I can't play any videos at all and when I try to play a clip in the time line I crash immediately. This is the error report:TheProblem.JPG
    And these are my specs:
    Windows 7 Home Premium SP1
    AMD FX(tm)-6100 six-core processor 3.30 GHz
    8 GB of RAM

    I'm using Sony Vegas 12
    Thanks in advance for the help!

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    "amdocl64.dll" is an OpenCL 1.1 Runtime file, which likely is part of your Video card software. Have you checked whether you have the most up to date version of your video card drivers?

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    you're getting expert help on another forum too, are you listening to them?

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    Yes, I am and I realize that this problem is a very specific and difficult to fix I am also have a time constraint so I'm trying to get as much as help as possible.

    Edit: When I booted up my computer today I found that Vegas stopped crashing however I updated my video card and now it's crashing again whenever I attempt to play any media with video.
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