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Thread: Editing and converting files without sacrificing any quality

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    I am looking for a video converter application that can convert a wide range of videos without sacrificing much (if any, preferably) quality. I came a feature "convert without transcoding" from Comparison of video converters - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For applications that can do this, does that mean it won't sacrifice any quality? If so, this seems to be a must-have capability of video converters, but only a few have this feature. Currently using Freemake Video Converter, but it doesn't have this feature so I tried SUPER, but the application was very problematic for me (application would freeze, video would never complete the conversion process).

    I am also looking to edit videos without affecting quality at all. Currently using CutAssistant, but it seems to only support AVI and WMV formats (I want one that can support many formats, but mostly AVI, WMV, MP4, MKV formats). It is also very limited in terms of editing. Also, a problem I'm having with CutAssistant when trying it out with only AVI files was that was not accurate to the exact frame. I'm usually off by at least 3 frames (and can be easily way more). I was told that I could remedy this somehow and it was not necessarily the fault of CutAssistant, but I don't know how.

    Thanks everyone, I will keep checking back on this thread frequently.
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