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Thread: ddr2 400?

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    Default ddr2 400?

    I bought a DELL with 1024Mb DDR2 400Mhz, now incase I wanted to add memory I looked on a German site were they sold following memorytypes:

    Corsair system select 1Ghz DDR2 533Mhz for 270 Euro (specially for DELL, HP and so on Pc's)
    MDT 1Ghz DDR2 533Mhz for only 78 Euro

    Corsair system select 1Ghz DDR 400Mhz for 140 Euro (specially for DELL, HP and so on Pc's)
    MDT 1Ghz DDR 400Mhz for again only 78 Euro

    1) My pc has DDR2 400mhz while the German site only sold DDR 400Mhz, are these 2 types compatible?

    2) Does it matter that much if you would combine MDT memory with corsair, for the price of 1g corsair I could buy 3g of MDT!
    Dell 8400, Pentium 3.2, 800Fsb, 2mb cache 1024mb, DDR2 400
    74Gb raptor
    256mb ati radeon x850xt platinium
    Dualboot Winx2000Sp4, WinXpHome
    Adobe premiere pro, encore dvd
    Sony Vx2000

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    Corsair are a good make, and I've never heard of MDT. It's best not to scrimp on RAM really - cheap RAM can cause problems. Go for some of the decent, but not expensive stuff. The Corsair ValueSelect range, or maybe Crucial stuff from

    Hynix, Infineon, Samsung, Kinston, Geil are all respectable RAM manufacturers too.


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