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Thread: Newb! Help! Vapor Keeps Disappearing! [Video]

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    Unhappy Newb! Help! Vapor Keeps Disappearing! [Video]

    Hi guys and gals!

    I'm new, please don't shun me. I'm using Sony Vegas 9 Pro - Haven't mastered it yet.

    Using iPhone 4S to make the videos. And a Green Screen.

    I'm very aware I forgot to light up my face, but in the video below, I describe and show you my problem.

    Anyone that's got any helpful tips....please lend me a hand. I'm venturing out on a huuuge mission, and it won't be successful with out the vapor.


    Oh, and if you've got any guides that could lead me into the right direction to making these videos look better. I'd REALLY appreciate them!

    Thanks for the feedback guys!

    -Riddle Lo

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    I think what your looking for is back lighting. This will help to make the smoke look better. You seem to need a wider green screen as the smoke disappearing off the edge looks odd BUT I'm sure you know this. There are a load of lighting tutorials on YouTube/Vimeo about lighting. Find a good one that explains about back lighting.

    You haven't made life easy for yourself by shooting this with a green screen. Keying out the background through a translucent thing like smoke and keeping it looking good isn't easy.

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