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Thread: Video Noise reduction Plugin ?

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    Default Video Noise reduction Plugin ?

    I would like to obtain a 64 bit plug-in for Video Noise reduction.
    I use Vegas Platinum 12 … and have a large number of VHS to digital conversions, all converted to AVI and I would like to clean up during the Vegas edit phase before burning any DVD’s.
    There is also a large number of Hrs of digitally recorded video, but not brilliant quality …..all new & future is in avchd format, and 'should' be much less of an issue.
    My only noise reduction software I own currently is “Video optimizer2” but that is not for use within Vegas.
    Just built up a new high spec PC, 4bit, 32GB RAM and god performance video card …. So as I now have the computer hp available thought it would be worth getting a video reduction plug-in.
    As Sony is pushing a discounted version of “DE:Noise”, thought it time to ask which of the plug-ins are best ?

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    Probably the best plug in to clean up video is neat video noise reduction which can be found HERE

    Getting rid of noise in video is one of the hardest things to do and I don't think you should expect miracles.

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    +1 for NV. Outstanding.

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    and another plus one here.

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