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Thread: VOB will be the death of me

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    Unhappy VOB will be the death of me

    So I have this project that involves video from 2 DVDs. I'm attempting to take 2 seconds from DVD 1 and splice it into DVD 2. I have Sony Vegas Pro 11. First I ripped the DVDs using DVD Decrypter which makes an exact duplicate, including folder structure, on your computer. This seemed to work great at first, when I took just the small chunk I wanted to mess with and exported that. It was perfect. But then I discovered that because of the various angles and audio tracks, it wasn't simply enough to paste the remaining VOBs in and make it work. The video jumped around, various languages would play, all sorts of craziness.

    So I tried was unusable (like trying to watch VHF TV in a snow storm when you're 50 miles from the antenna), sound was terrible. So i tried DVD Shrink, re-author. Trimmed it down to no menus, only the 5.1 English track, and no subtitles, no compression (trying to make it as purrty as possible). Resulting video was ~29 FPS. Played fine from the folder, full VOB files. I was a little concerned, but some checking in Vegas showed that everything would line up...but then I noticed something odd. The playback in Vegas was slightly faster than normal, causing the audio to lag. The resulting render had the same effect. I think the 29 FPS is to blame, but setting the render (in Vegas) to 24 makes it choppy. I tried VLC...but maybe i'm doing something wrong, cause all it shows is "streaming"...and doesn't give me any progress or other indicator that it's actually doing something.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Anyone have any thoughts?

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    Vegas will do this for you.
    File | Import | DVD Camcorder disc
    (Yes, i know it's not a DVD camcorder disc, but this is what you need to use)
    Of course, if it has copyright protection, this will not work.

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    Also here a thread that should be of use regarding importing
    Importing a DVD into Vegas : Sony Vegas
    More if you google Gary James import dvd
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    So this is incredibly late coming...but I'm pretty sure this helped. I remember testing this, and I believe it did what I needed it to, so thanks. If it didn't, I'll be back in another several months.

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