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Thread: How do i set up my computer?, I need advice...

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    Default How do i set up my computer?, I need advice...

    G'Day all who read this post, i hope you all had a great Christmas.
    The short version: should i partition my drive? Do i need a 64 bit system?

    The Long version:

    I have been using Sony Vegas for about a year now, i just completed a video and tried to render it, the warning i recieved was insufficient memory, i even tried to render it in 10sec intervals to no avail.
    This is where i got unstuck, i rang my brother for advice, he said that i needed to un partition my drive so i could use all the hard drive to render with, so he did that for me, then he said (as he handed it back) by the way, any information you had on the partitioned bit is now gone forever. Needlesss to say i now have absolutely no video to render now. and now it will not s, tart up even angrier.
    So to move on i am starting again,this time however i am asking for some good advice first, on set up of drives and the hardware i am running
    1. should i have a partitioned drive? to help-- the computer will only be used to edit video and surf the net, possible the odd job application no gaming ever gets played on the computer.
    2. i have windows 7, 32 bit edition, should i go 64 bit. I want to but will i get gains from my set up?
    My hardware is:
    -AMD Quad Core Processor
    -Gigabyte motherboard Dual Bios
    -Gainward Ge Force GTX 550ti Graphics Card
    -2x4gb ram plus 2x2gb ram total 12 Gig of Ram
    -120G hard drive and a separate 80 g hard drive
    -Total of 2 tb storage external. one is portable one is permanently plugged in.

    Not having a lot of money to put into the computer at this time of year, what should i improve?
    I am handing the computer to a friend, He does know what he is doing so he will be able to get my computer working again, however i want to be able to tell him what set up to use.
    Back to my first question, should i run a partitioned drive? i can only install Vegas onto the operating drive, i tried to store it onto the 1 TB storage system but it would not let me...

    Thanks for reading my ramble, and thanks in advance to all of you that try to help me.
    My videos are always entitled EIGIP it means Everything Is Good In Progression...
    TI think this suits this situation also.

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    Your hard drives are quite small to begin with I wouldn't partition them unless you really need to for so other reason. It won't help you with video editing. 64bit would be better than 32bit for editing purposes. Loading Vegas on the operating drive is perfect, then use the other drive for your original media.

    If you edit HD video your hards drives are a bit small, 500 Gb is about perfect for a media drive. I run a 160 Gb SSD for my operating system drive which is a really good investment if you can afford one.

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    64bit + SSD for Windows + Vegas are the best upgrades I can see for yout machine. External 2TB HD is nice, but slow, even through 3.0USB - use only for storage.

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    Are you usng Vegas Pro, or the "studio/movie" version?
    - as MB says, those drives suggest quite an old PC (when 120G was optimal)
    Personally, I wouldn't use an external drive unless it's eSATA - I've had considerable woes using a rather slow USB2 external drive . . . although this works very well as a "back-up for Vid files" since transfer speed is hardly an issue, if you copy-over your Media to a "Project File".

    I've used Vegas Studio v10 and DVD architect studio v5 to Edit/render a 4hr video - unfortunately It wouldn't fit on one DVD and I could find no solution in DVDAS. However, this is a 32-bit PC with 4G RAM and several 500G HDDs.

    I think nowadays, with 1Tb (and even 3Tb being just over £100) - these are worth considering . . . . space for the copies of Vid files, audio clips and rendered files.

    My own Vegas Studio tries to put all the temp files (as well as the Program Files) on the C-drive. Whilst there will be some alternative places . . . it's hardy intuitive . . . and something that software writers should address, since Win is hardly helpful ewhen it comes to managing changes to yr HDDs.

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