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    One thing I found very useful lately with my underwater video projects is a Lock-and-Load stabilizer filter from CoreMelt (CoreMelt - Plugins for Final Cut Pro, Final Cut Express, After Effects CS3/4/5 and Motion.). It's not without bugs but works beautifully in most cases stabilizing camera movement or locking a frame. I also tried CoreMelt's color toolsbut I find them less intuitive to use...

    I used to use Boris FX and Graffiti which was awesome, but I don't have a licence for them anymore.

    Feel free to share your favorite filter/plugin.

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    Did I post to a wrong category/forum?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mrzee View Post
    Did I post to a wrong category/forum?
    Probably not. But this isn't the sort of place where people tend to post stuff like this. It tends to be more "needs driven".

    For example, someone might post that they are looking for a good 3D titling add-on or program then people will answer with suggestions and their experiences.

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    Got it... thanks, Tim.

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    But it would be lovely if they did!

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