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Thread: New OFX plugin pack and Motiva Christmas Revolution promo

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    Default New OFX plugin pack and Motiva Christmas Revolution promo

    After some doubts I finally posted here instead in the Pimp the Link one since it is a press release:

    Motiva is glad to announce our Christmas Revolution promo. witha 35% off in Motiva Colimo and the novel Motiva RealPerception, a plugin pack in OFX format developed to be a help in postproduction task. As its name says it tries to mimic effects produced by the perception from either human based, camera or photographic film.

    Take advantage of the prices until January the 15th. Merry Christmas to everyone! HO HO HO!

    There are also 3 free video tutorials about the usage.

    Motiva RealPerception: RealPerception OFX | Motiva

    Regards and thanks for your time.
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