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Thread: Trying to make a smaller DVD

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    Default Trying to make a smaller DVD

    Just wondering if anyone here could help me. I make videos that the resolution is 360 x 240. Which is small. My problem is that in order to make it onto a DVD I need to make it DVD quality type which makes the same graphics, but makes the media size like 4.5 times bigger. I was just wonder if there is a way to take regular wmv or mpg files and make it into a DVD with about the same size as the wmv or mpg. (goes from about 640 MB(mpg) to 2.88 GB(DVD)) I know I could use DVD shrink and make it smaller that way, but I am reducing the quality of an already not so good quality video. I'm more looking for a way to do it during the process of making the DVD. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

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    In truth I think you have things backwards. The best way of achieving your goals is to do all your editing at the highest resolution you want and then simply leave it to the export to decide the final result.

    In my case, I'm soon to start doping all my editing in high def and then once my edits are complete I can then export either a full high def WMV9, export an SD MPEG2 (for DVD production) or export a WMV of any resolution.

    I know that doesn't really answer your question though so I'll try to do that also...

    You have a couple of options I reckon. You need to start a standard SD size project on your editing platform. Then import you (low res) WMV. You can then either zoom to fit, losing quality or have the low res wmv simply play at it's native resolution in the middle of the (higher def) screen. It will have a vlack border all around it but you'll see it with no loss of quality.

    Alternatively, if you acces to the original poroject that produced the wmv you have then import that into a higher res project and just re-render/export.

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    When I edit my videos I make it 720 x 480. And most videos are around 360 x 240 to start with. I get the videos around 360 x 240 resolution. There is no way to get a better quality video. I got my videos to be full screen.

    I more looking for a DVD making program that will keep about the same size as the wmv or mpg. So when I compile my videos I donít have a 4.5 times bigger project. Is 720 x 480 the normal DVD quality resolution? Would it help make it smaller if i increased my screen resolution?

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    Also i was wondering if there is any way to make videos on a dvd to play in a random order?

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