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Thread: tips for improving titlebar and some other stuff

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    Default tips for improving titlebar and some other stuff

    Hello again, sorry that i have to ask some other stuff, first of all, here is a demo of the video what i want to make but its not finnished yet, itsjust a small funvideo ^^ to make a joke about something

    beta - YouTube

    first of all, any tips for improving my little titlebar/banner or whatever its called that appears @ 1-2 sec?

    2. when i move an image or something and use the timeline i cant see it in the preview video x.x its kinda annoying because then i have to save, watch the preview video and then do it again till it fits :( i thought usually you just see the movement in the preview by just moving the timeline in the clip in event pan/crop thingy, sorry my english isnt really the best as you might have guessed ^^

    and 3rd, i want to change the text, obv thats not possible but whats the easiest way to lay a big transparent nice looking texture over the text and then write something above it o.

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    The only thing I can suggest is looking on YouTube for tutorials about making lower thirds. This may give you the answer to all your questions.

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    thanks, yeah thats what i searched for, but it seems like i'm to dumb for it, in my vegas after i created it in photoshop i cant move it to the bottom of the video, its in the center and if i want to move it it dissapears and the only way to move it down is to make it smaller :( in the old vegas version from the tutorial i watched he could easily move it in pan/crop thingy, but i cant q_q

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    Try going through the interactive help built in to Vegas to get to know the program better. Then take a look at this from a long standing member of the forum.

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    Thank you very much midnight blue, i just got one more problem in sony vegas everythign looks fine second for second o.

    but after i render it there are some bugs and flashes, only if the 2 text things are not muted, here a video

    output - YouTube

    and here a picture of my project, marked the text files

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    I can only see one flash at around sixteen seconds. There is one frame of another image of the shelf with different things on it. Check your time line around that time to see if you have a rouge event on one of the tracks. This could be hidden under another event possibly on track 14. You may have to zoom into the time line and delete the big event to see it. You can always click undo to get it back.

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    no x.x nothing is there, like i said its also only there if the red and white text are not muted, if i mute them there is nothing, in the sony vegas preview is also no mistake, but after i render it :( there are suddenly these problems.. and always @ different times.. not @ 18 20 and 22 sec. a short flash

    i just got the feeling in general that sometimes something weird appears, like the lower third for example after i made it jsut after it dissapears there it suddenly appeared for a little sec. again and i cut it off, and sometimes stuff like that appears, i got no clue, never had that in sony vegas 11
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    Well I'm stumped for a rational explanation for it. The only thing I can think of is that it's a corrupt project file.

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    output - YouTube

    new version without the 2 text thingy, now its fine, even moved the 2 text thingys to another video track but didnt help...i even figured out what each text does, the white one is the one that makes the flash and the red one makes it flicker from time to time.. no clue how to solve it, should i redo everything in a new project file? o.

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    You could try just deleting tracks 2 & 3 to see if that clears the errors. If that doesn't work I don't know what else you can do, other than starting again.

    If you think of it as good practise for you.

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