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Thread: Weired Circular Cloud

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    Default Weired Circular Cloud

    I noticed this weired circular cloud tonight. It seems to be a circle around the moon. I know it looks a bit like a lens flare but it's not.

    What do you guys think is causing it ? Is it just an optical illusion ?


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    I'm sure someone here will give us the correct explanation, but i've seen it myself several times and assumed it's just to do with atmospheric conditions - much like a rainbow. If you examine the ring closely you can see it's made up of a spectrum of colours which is where i've derived my thoughts from.

    EDIT: Yep, Google "Ring around the Moon" or "Moon Ring" for further explanations.
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    end of the world?
    no wait, that was the other day..

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    Can you believe, I never thought to Google it.

    According to Wikipedea, it's also called a Winter Halo, it says "In folklore, moon rings are said to warn of approaching storms", so I guess it's going to piss down again tomorrow.

    I've never come across one before and thought it looked weired but interesting.

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