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Thread: Circus with panasonic GH3

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    I thought that was really fantastic. Wonderful, atmospheric shots which captured the magic of the acts edited together in a manner which added excitement but didn't detract from the skills that were being demonstrated. i like the idea of having several strands running simultaneously. Nice music too.

    I did wonder how you'd managed to get stablisation in there, but after seeing the shots from under the tightrope walker i guess you had some sort of special access. Aren'#t cameras normally banned at these shows?

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    Thanks Tim for your nice words! I'am realy happy with that! Yes, I did my best with my new cam GH3. I had to fight with the lowlightcondition and with the steam in the light normaly that always give bad quality. But this I did arrange with great lightfilters from FCP X 10,03. About stabilisation I did use my carbon tripod with head manfotto 501HDV. Yes, I had permission to film all that with my prescard and this one quic cutting just for me qnd the commurcialclip will be more short. At 2 minutes. And the musik ofcourse is The Magic Bulgarian Voices. They are great!

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    I think this might be the best work I've seen of yours.

    Well done.

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    thanks thanks

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    I enjoyed this also. I liked the way the music went with the acts. There was that feeling of tension with the tightrope guy too. (No pun intended). Everything played into place if you get what I mean. The camera you used/or these light filters you used coped with the lighting conditions very well. I now need to google these and learn what you were using!
    "Aren'#t cameras normally banned at these shows?"
    I know most circuses are OK with photography/filming. With some you need to purchase an additional 'photographer's' ticket, and normally flash is not allowed. (Of course if you have a presscard that must help too.

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