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    Some constructive feedback about the effects, flow and camera motion would help me alot..

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    I hate it but I guess that means people who like this sort of thing will love it.

    I thought the whole thing was to flickery and jumpy.

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    Why are the images in these kinds of clip so blurry? Can I assume that folk are unable to capture the video in high enough quality? To me, it looks like it was filmed using a cheap camera pointing at a TV set.
    It is difficult to admire any of the post production work when performed on such lousy source footage. Where is the quality of the image? Even my crap animations are more lifelike.

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    Chill, that is how the game looks like..

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    I really like it! The only thing I would change are the flickering effects during the video. And how do you get that footage where you see your character in 3d person?
    Been seeing that in so many videos of Counter strike/ Modern warfare etc.. Is there any program that you need or.. ? I really want to know Nice vid

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