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Thread: My first set of videos

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    Default My first set of videos

    Over the year i have gained a great passion for film which has grown from my interest in Bushcraft, i have produced and uploaded 9 instructional videos about bushcraft onto my channel. Here's one of my more favorite ones that i have produced, check it out and let me know what you think, any critiquing is greatly appreciated.


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    Nice one Ste.

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    I watched the video until the end even without knowing anything about Bushcraft, so that has to mean something. Nicely done Ste! I'd only like to point out that the intro music is maybe a little too quiet. Turn it up a bit, for a moment there I thought I had my computer on mute

    Besides that, keep on doing it!

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    Where this fell down for me was right in the early stage where you fashoned the shaft. I had no idea what shape you were aiming for and the finished article just suddenly appeared. This left me with the impression that i was "lost" and therest of the video would be too "advanced" for me. This wasn't the case as the rest was explained very well in great detail.

    It may be that fashioning the shaft was covbered in another video and so some prior knowledge is assumed, in which case my comment is irrelevant.

    Otherwise I can't fault it. Good sound, clear, descriptive scaript and clear descriptive shots & close-ups.

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