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Thread: Sony creative discounts

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    Default Sony creative discounts

    I'm sure you already know, but Sony are currently offering 25% discounts on their creative software.

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    Indeed. My mouse has been hovering over "buy" for the upgrade from Pro to Pro Suite for the past two weeks.

    I don't really need SoundForge Pro (although that would give me the apparently excellent Sony Noise Reduction plug-in), or the "Production assistant" scripts (I already have both the excellent packages Ultimate S Pro and Excalibur and I don't really use them to anywhere near their potential - always to busy to leam them thoroughly), However I've been looking at a lot of the HitFilm Ultimate tutorials and it appear to be a really useful compositing package - I'm never likely to do enough work to justify After Effects and te Particle generator would be very useful. And then there are 100 production music tacks thrown in as well. Hmmmm....

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