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Thread: EP Trailer for Indie Band

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    Default EP Trailer for Indie Band

    Hi everyone,

    Check this out and tell me whatcha think.


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    This was much better than the last one you postsed. Indeed, the shot you included from that session was one of the least effective here.
    The piano shot was a bit odd looking - you've used a wide angle lens and the subject was towards the edge which made him look like he had a deformed head.
    I did not like the shot near the beginning of the guy singing as it looked as if he was lip sysncing and then became obvious he was singing something different. If you want to use non matching vocals, try to ensure it looks different from what we hear right from the start of the shot.

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    I agree with Tim, specially on the non matching vocals shot. It was just really awkward, because I thought he would be singing the song we were listening to and then it was something completely different. Besides that, I enjoyed the trailer and think it delivers. Specially like the road clips, nice job mate

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