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Thread: Looking for ways to improve my work

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    Default Looking for ways to improve my work

    Hello there,

    First time poster here! I've been operating a small video production business for just under a year now and I'm learning all the way. I've done pretty well so far and I get fairly consistent work, but I'm always looking to improve my work and I've got a hell of a lot to learn. I recently got some pretty harsh feedback from a response to an ad I posted online so I'm looking to get some more specific feedback on my work from some professionals, so I can properly identify where I've gone wrong. Where I live, there's not a lot of other videographers to discuss this kind of thing with so I hope I can get some thoughts from you guys. I've posted a link to my "website" It's more of a place where I link to some of my work, but I am working on getting something proper sorted!

    Simon Dando

    Look forward to hearing from you!

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    From a really really quick look at the first three vids I notice that the majority of your shots are handheld, with a few tripod bits here and there. I would suggest using your tripod a lot more, especially for panning shots and movements.
    I understand its a bit of a faff to move the tripod around and set it up all the time, but its so essential to keeping your work look as professional as possible.
    Also, zooming in and out, crash zooms and wobbly shots don't help you out too much. Stick to a tripod and keep things slow and smooth. If there's something people are talking about thats relevant, get a nice steady cut away of it after you've filmed your interview and use it as a cutaway, instead of all the zoomy stuff. Cut aways are gold, get lots whenever your out on a shoot and you'll never have to include the wobbly stuff.

    Also I notice you've done something for Torfaen CBC, if your local to that area I know a couple of people you can talk to, I'm also down the road from there.

    Hope thats useful for you.

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    Cheers. Really helpful stuff! I can be a little lazy sometimes with using my tripod and I can definitely see what you mean. I'll definitely make sure to make much more use of it on future jobs. I am currently Torfaen-based.

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    yeah, i just found you on facebook, you already know the folk I'd point you towards :/ oops

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    I looked at the first video ( the cat one) In general it's not bad at all. The first establishing shot should have been on a tripod and have a sharper focus on the sign. The next shot looks like you didn't get the white balance quite right but again was a little wobbly. You got some nice shots of the cats but might have benefited from having a filter on the lens to cut down on the reflection of the glass.

    What mic did you use for the interviews ? At first I thought the mic should have been closer but got use to the roomy sound during the video. Because of the bright light above her head her face seems a bit dark, as I noticed this straight away it is an obvious distraction. The framing of the shot was bang on for the rule of thirds but that created some sort of weird twisting corridor effect. I would have gone in tighter and raised the tripod a couple of inches, this would have reduced the head room, getting rid of the light above her head. I wasn't there so I don't know but there could have been a better place to do the interview. I noticed a few of the shots were not straight example 0:38. these things may not be noticed by the customer but they are what they are paying you for. If you do a dolly shot like at 0:59 it should be very smooth or I wouldn't even bother with it.

    Please don't take my comments the wrong way as I was being very critical with the video, which is what I think you wanted. I do know it's much easier for me to look at the video and pick fault with it and that when you are there doing the shoot the adrenalin is pumping and you are rushing around and don't notice half the things until it's too late.

    Like I said at the beginning it's not a bad piece at all. I hope these comments help.

    Feel free to pull my work apart.
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    Thanks very much! This is all really helpful and it's great to get some encouraging and constructive feedback from folk in the know! I used the Rode NTG-2 for the interviews and I do sometimes struggle with getting the mic close enough. I think I need to invest in some better headphones for monitoring sound. Kicking myself for not using a tripod on the opening shot (and more in general) I neglect using the tripod way too often and I'm always tearing my hair out when it comes to editing the footage!

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    Well, if you learn from your mistakes it's all good.

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