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Thread: Best graphics card for hd video rendering

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    Default Best graphics card for hd video rendering

    HI Fri's

    Any One Tell me which one is best graphics card for HD video rendering

    I have system is
    Intel i5-2400
    Asus P8H77M
    corsair Vengeance 4GB
    Circle 600W SMPS

    which is best for hd rendering ATI or nVidia ???????????????

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    Depends what your editing program is ... Certain programmes work better with certain cards.
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    As enc has said it depends on the software you're using, some editing programs can use the power of a CUDA enabled graphics card. HERE is a list of some of them from nVidia. There is an ATI equivalent called ATI Stream (CAL) or something like that but at this time nVidia seem to have the edge over ATI but by the time I've finished writing this over long sentence, I'm sure ATI will have caught up.

    That's how changeable the nVidia v ATI scene is. There isn't a "one is better than the other". There is only this product in the same price range can be measured at half a micro second faster this week. BUT next week another product will be out to beat that one.

    To really get a top notch GPU you have to pay top notch prices, that is the long and short of it. So my advice is to by an nVidia card and pay as much as you can afford. Then be satisfied with your purchase and don't look at how the one they release next week will be just that little bit better than the one you bought.

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    i m use this software
    adobe adobe premiere cs6,
    after effect cs6 and
    Edius pro 6.5

    Thansk enc and MIdnight Blue

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    Can you afford a Quadro 2000?

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    Be aware of Adobe's list of cards Video effects software, Windows, Mac OS | Adobe After Effects CS6 - Tech specs (and, following the 11.0.2 update After Effects CS6 (11.0.2) update: bug fixes and added GPUs for ray-traced 3D renderer After Effects region of interest).
    IMHO, whilst other cards may work; they might not be recognised by Adobe software for the purposes of some functionalities.

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