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Thread: SV v 10 versus v12

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    Default SV v 10 versus v12

    I am currently using SV studio v 10 Platinum ( suite) on a Dell desktop running Vista 32 bit ( 4gb RAM) and with Intel GMA X4500 HD graphics card and Intel G45/G43 Express Chipset accelerator......phew.

    Most of my editing work has been with aac/h264 encoded footage at 960/25fps, rendering out as Mpeg4 or wmv @ 1080/25 for youTube andas PC files. I now intend buying a higher spec cam which includes 1080/60 capabilities ( and better) so I am planning to update my editing facility to ensure it can cope. I have already decided to upgrade the operating system to windows 7 64 bit. Could anyone advise on the following please?

    On the Sony website product comparison, the major differences ( of interest to me) between SV Studio v 11 and v12 ( the site no longer carries details of v10!) are a) ability to manage 60/50 fps, and b) GPU accelerated rendering ( i.e. v12 has, v11 does not). Well I have both Blu ray and AVCHD templates in my v10 @50/60 fps so the first difference seems to be an error! It is the second that I am interested in.

    1. The system specs for V12 infer that you have to have CUDA that right? surely they cannot expect every desktop owner wanting to use Vegas 12 to have also to install one of the brands of graphics cards specified in the system specifications?? ( GeForce and AMD)

    2. I expect a performance gain from changing from 32 bit to 64 bit operating system, and I also intend doubling the RAM in my machine to 8 gb. Am I going to notice any significant difference between staying with v10 and my existing graphics card ( on Windows 7 with 8gb) and additionally changing to SV Studio V12 plus the addition of GPU?

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    Why not download a Demo and see if you like it?


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    Always good to get your personal user experience with the trial version first, like Grazie suggests.

    As you know, Movie Studio Platinum 12 has both 32-bit and 64-bit versions. At the moment you seem to have Vista 32-bit though, so you won't see the benefits of 64-bit support. For a decent account of that and a rather good overview of MSP 12, you might like to read this
    Review of Sony Movie Studio Platinum 12 Suite

    I can't comment on the GPU acceleration thing, because though my low-end nVidia card just about meets the requirements, a better card is needed for proper comparisons. Otherwise I think it's excellent and after another update/new build or two even better.
    Sony Creative Software - Movie Studio Release Notes

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    All usefull info thanks...the Review of Studio 12 was clear and simple. I want to do things in stages so I think I will go ahead with changing to windows 7 64 bit first off. I will probably use a PC shop to install the extra RAM and Nvidia card. Then I am all ready for V12 as a last stage.

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