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Thread: THE drive for digital editing?

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    Default THE drive for digital editing?

    My current pc has a 10k 74gb raptor disk which has 2 operating systems, Win2000sp4 for work and Winxphome for play, since Iím planning to get into video editing I wonder what secundary disk to buy since the raptor is far to small.

    As I see it there are 3 options, since my pc only has room for 2 drives (Itís a Dell)

    1) Add a second 74Gb rator because Iím very satisfied about performance and reliability but will this do?

    2) Add a ďnormalĒ 200-300Gb 8mb buffer disk, space is not an issue here but how about speed when it works together with my raptor disk?

    3) Add an external 200Gb disk and connect trough firewire, but how about speed and reliability?


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    I am no the greatest technical guru on these forums but for what it is worth here is my view on your options,

    1. I agree about the reliability factor. However you may find that 74Gb is just a little bit too constraining. Those video files will eat up tons of space. Raw Capture Files, Converted Files, Working Space and temp files, it all adds up. Will depend on the size of your projects I guess.

    2. Shouldn't be a problem Just make sure that the disk is a slave of the master and operates at a minimum of 7200rpm.

    3. I have an external firewire disk myself (160Gb) and have had no problems with it.

    Good luck whatever way you go!

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    Thanks for the advice,
    Think I"ll stick with an external drive, biggest advantage I guess is that you can allways finish your project on an other pc if necessary.
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